Cimatella Spirit

Inspired by Nature, connect yourself with this ideal haven of peace.

About Our Spirit

Inspired By Nature

Respect for the raw luxury of nature itself is at the core of our concept. Inner beauty expressed outwardly is as ancient as it is timely and to bring innovation to traditional design sparks the soul into seeing with new eyes. For us, that is the art of travel and the essence of Villa Cimatella.

Nature & Design

Villa Cimatella’s floating, green roof and rock facade echo the silhouette of the mountains creating a sustainable synergy between villa and environment. Conceived to become one with the natural elements around us, the villa is built to merge into it’s tropical location as time goes on.

Local Stone


Crafted by stone and designed with air-flow in mind, Villa Cimatella maintains a more organic year around temperature.

Living Roof


A native vegetation rooftop blends into the mountain landscape enhancing the surrounding wildlife habitat.

Artesian Fixtures


Indigenous ceramic sinks, driftwood lamps and sculptured wood are just some of the artisanal touches throughout.


Villa Cimatella honors Costa Rica’s rich savoir-faire and original local talent and takes pleasure in sharing our creative discoveries with you throughout our property.

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